My husband and I had long been hearing glowing reviews of the Montessori of New Paltz School and when the opportunity finally arose for us to have our son participate in the pre-K program, we were overjoyed.  From the moment we walked into the school, we knew it was the right place for our son and our family.

As a speech-language pathologist who specializes in early childhood development and as the parents of a child with a life-threatening food allergy, we held high expectations regarding our son’s education and needs regarding his safety that had previously gone unmet at other schools.  However, once we found Montessori of New Paltz, it surpassed every hope we had for our son’s schooling experience.

At Montessori of New Paltz, we found a welcoming environment where children feel a sense of peace, community and respect.  Our son’s interests were fostered daily, and each school day brought with it a new skill he couldn’t wait to tell us about afterwards.  Within a short period of time, our son was proudly displaying skills we always knew he had but had been reluctant to show.  Additionally, he was rapidly acquiring skills that grew from the diverse and rich curriculum; these skills quickly developed into passions.  He now has a love of geography and equations, which reflect a depth of knowledge that only could have come from Montessori of New Paltz.  Also, despite having enrolled him mid-year, our son made wonderful friends quickly.  We have no doubt that this was due to the welcoming sense of community and respect that underlies each lesson and activity. 

In addition, our son’s teachers went above and beyond to ensure his safety, as well as those of the other students, when it came to his life-threatening food allergies.  We sent him off, with confidence, each day to school, knowing that he was as well-cared for at school as he was in our own home.

Montessori of New Paltz also proved to be a welcoming place for us as parents who were new to this community.  We were welcomed into the incredibly lovely group of parents and we have spent many happy afternoons taking our son to play dates where we enjoy the company as much as he does.

Montessori of New Paltz has been an absolute gift to our family and our son’s educational experience.  We feel so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to have been a part of it and the wonderful community they have created.



The Peacocks


Montessori of New Paltz has been a friendly, positive, and rewarding environment for our son Mason.  All the teachers have been very nurturing and supportive throughout his pre-school education.  The teachers, small class size, daily outdoor play, independent & cooperative learning, along with the variety of guest visitors/special events, make this school very special.  Mason has a strong inquisitive nature, which has been recognized and strengthened through the activities at Montessori of New Paltz.  I would strongly encourage any parent who wishes to give their child a well-rounded pre-school education to seriously consider this program.  We are confident that the lessons and experiences here will last a lifetime!  ​


I would recommend this preschool to other parents.  The school is clean, comfortable and inviting.  The teachers are kind, professional and happy to answer any question.  Our young child always looks forward to going there.  It's a great program—kids have the opportunity to learn about reading, writing, art, math, nature, geography and numerous other topics in fun and interesting ways.  Overall, the school provides fantastic preparation for elementary school in a fun, laid-back environment where kids can learn lots at their own pace.   ​


Justin and I would personally like to thank all of you for providing Keb with a rich, supportive, loving and inspiring pre-school experience.  He loves each one of you, as do we.  We have watched him grow tremendously under your guidance these last two years. 

In your care, Keb has grown into a confident, inquisitive, thoughtful and intelligent little boy who loves to learn.  His natural inclinations towards science and nature have been nurtured and enriched.  He continues to love books and has learned to read.  He is excited about math and eager to share his knowledge of geography and world cultures with us.  We are thrilled that he has such a strong foundation in these core subject areas, but even more importantly he has learned how to be independent, to work well with others, to understand the importance of community and friendships, and to understand that all living things, large and small, are interconnected. 

He is our little earth keeper, picking up trash whenever we go for walks and sharing his perspective on why we need to be kind to this blue planet we call home.  This love of life and learning will be with him for the rest of his life because of the work you do.  Although he might not remember the details of his preschool experience in the years to come, we know that his connection to each of you and all that he has learned will forever be a part of his heart and intellect. 

Thank you for your compassion, your hard work, your honesty and integrity, and mostly for the love you show the children in your care.  We will miss seeing you day to day, but we will be sure to visit and continue our friendships so you can continue to see Keb grow and thrive like the butterfly of the Montessori of New Paltz.


Much love and light, 

Justin & Lara Key


We've signed our son up to start at Montessori of New Paltz this fall.  We have 2 friends who already have their children there this year and 1 friend whose daughter just graduated last spring.  We hear so many positive things about their experiences with Joy and Emily.  We have met them ourselves and are very impressed with them as individuals, as well as their program.  We are so excited for our son to learn in a clean (organic), friendly, warm and nurturing environment.  He is going to learn real life skills while also exploring nature, geography, math, art, music, reading/writing, and multiculturalism.  Students plant and nurture their own garden, and then eat what they grow during snack time... what a wonderful way to learn about the process of life within a community setting and instill a love of learning!  We chose this preschool because of the holistic approach to learning and the way in which they seem to honor each child as a special individual who learns at his/her own pace.  The Montessori philosophy also emphasizes learning to share, respect and have compassion for others—something my husband and I teach at home and believe to be essential in these early childhood years.​


Our daughter started at Montessori of New Paltz last fall and has loved every day of it! The staff is very caring, attentive and is dedicated to teaching the whole child.  The Montessori approach has been very helpful with teaching life skills and preparing her for elementary school.  Our daughter has thrived there.  I highly recommend this school.