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This summer, due to the Covid-19 Outbreak, we are offering a wide variety of virtual summer programs for ages 3-5 and 6-9. Read on to learn about our teachers, our programs and how to register.

After creating a very successful distance learning program to finish our school year, we have developed a summer program that your child(ren) will be able to access from the safety of your home.

As you can imagine, a virtual program will look very different from our normal summer program. We are offering virtual summer bundles which will include a week of themed lessons, activities, and stories/songs. These resources will be made available via live Zoom sessions and posted to Google Classroom. We will create a themed “Mystery Box” for each week of camp. These boxes will include a postcard from the teachers, materials for the week’s arts and crafts projects, a mystery item, as well as information for families including the activity schedule, learning goals, and lesson plans.

We will offer daily Zoom meetings for Morning Circle where we will greet one another, introduce the guiding question for the day, and have a mini-lesson around the day’s theme. (When possible, the teachers will also lead a virtual “field trip” to jump-start the week!) Circle will include a read-aloud and learning activity, an explanation of the day's craft, and an opportunity for students to interact with the teacher and one another. Other virtual materials, such as detailed instructions for the crafts, sing-along videos, additional read-aloud videos and online resources, will be posted to Google Classroom where children can access them throughout the day. Every Friday will be a Sharing Day, where students can choose their favorite project, song, or fun fact from the week and share it with the group over Zoom. Families are encouraged to attend Sharing Day with their children.

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Summer Camp Registration

& Important Information

Each program week  is $125 per child

which includes daily group zoom meetings, links and all of the materials your child will need for a successful and fun week!


Parents will need to come to the school and pick up a Mystery Box containing supplies for every week that you register for.

How to Register

1. Login/Sign Up at the top menu to become a member of our site.

2. Select the program weeks below


3. Pay using our online store, or by check

(payment must be received by Thursday prior to the start of camp to complete enrollment) 

4. Fill out the registration form with the orange button

5. We will contact you to answer any questions and approve your access to the Digital School Portal

Additional Information

In addition to the daily meeting time, the mystery box, links, and lesson videos made by the teachers will provide your child with hours of learning, fun and activities each day.

Registration Deadline each week is Thursday at midnight for the following week's program.

Daily Zoom Classes for each age group


Ages 3-5 Group: 9:30 am - 10:15 am 

Ages 6-9/5-10 Group: 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Turtle in the Reef

Marine Biology


July 6 - 10

July 6 - 10

Who swims in the deep blue sea, exploring the many mysterious plants and animals that live there? A Marine Biologist! Put on your scuba gear and join us to learn all about this special job. Find out how ocean animals move, what they eat, and discover why the ocean is so important! What amazing creatures will you discover? Set sail for fun and exploration of the ocean and all its wonders. 

Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya



July 20 - 24

Lions, tigers, and bears oh my!  What other interesting creatures live out in the African grasslands?  On this week long safari we will discover how lions hunt for food, why hippos love the water, and see the danger in the movement of a crocodile!  Adventure into the safari zone of Africa for the week and don't “cheetah” yourself out of this opportunity.



August 3 - 7

Between the Trees: Forest Week

Here in the Hudson Valley, we have the privilege to be surrounded by nature. Many of us even have a forest in our own backyard! But how much do you know about forests around the globe? This week, we will explore the wonders of the woods around us and learn about another type of forest you may have heard of… the rainforest! And who knows, this week may spark such passion that one of you may even go on to become a ranger or conservationist who helps protect these valuable ecosystems. Let’s take a journey together to see what lives between the trees! 




August 17 - 21

Put on your lab coat and warm up your thinking cap because this week is all about harnessing your curiosity. Every day will come with a new experiment in science, technology, engineering, or math, and we can’t wait to see what innovations you will come up with! How many ways can you build a bridge? What do magnets stick to? What happens when you mix mysterious ingredients together? Your problem-solving skills will be put to the test as we consider the world around us and the ways we can improve it. 

Empty Road

On the Road:

USA Travel Week

July 13 - 17


This week, we’re taking a cross-country road trip from the comfort of our very own homes. We’ll explore the magnificence of the national parks as we venture from the East Coast to the West Coast and learn something new every step of the way.  Buckle in for the ride as we use our map reading skills to navigate mountain peaks, open plains , and desert bluffs. By the end of this week, your little geographer will be ready to lead your family’s next trip!

Ad Deir Petra



July 27 - 31

Spend a week uncovering what life on earth was like millions of years ago and discover intriguing artifacts that have been hidden for hundreds of years.  Our budding earth explorers will study how animals and people lived in pre-historic times.  What did they eat?  Where did they make their homes?  Why did they disappear?  Archeological explorers will use tools from their mystery box to create their own archaeological site at home and excavate ancient fossils from the age of dinosaurs! There’s a lot to “dig” about learning what life was like long ago!

Earth and Space


Space Camp

August 10 - 14

Do you have what it takes to explore the outer rims of our solar system?  Blast off as an astronaut for a week in your own rocket ship exploring the planets and stars!  Is there really life on Mars?  What would aliens look like if we found them?  What stars and constellations do we see every night?  Don't “space out” and miss this opportunity as we dive into the black hole that is the world of astronomy and space.



These meetings are private. To maintain your child's privacy, we agree not to post any zoom meetings or images of your child. In addition, we ask all families to agree not to share any images, links, or information that we give to the group, as a part of the registration form.

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Our 2020 Summer Camp Teachers

Julia Vogt

Julia has been working with children in schools, summer camps, and as a babysitter for most of her life. She worked for nearly 7 years as a counselor and then a program coordinator at Wild Earth Wilderness Camp in the Hudson Valley. She has also worked alongside Claire at the Montessori of New Paltz summer program. Julia has a dual Master’s degree in Elementary and Special Education from Simmons University in Boston and has worked at several Boston area elementary schools with students from pre-K through third grade. Julia is excited to have her own classroom soon and to see her students again in the fall. Julia is thrilled to be sharing safe summer fun with all of you through daily Zoom meetings. She can’t wait to sing, laugh, learn, read stories, and see all the awesome crafts you create! Get ready for an awesome summer together! I can’t wait to meet you!

Claire McAllister

Claire has a long history working with children in a variety of settings. Between 2014 and 2018, when she was was home during her summers off from studying at Syracuse University, she was part of the Montessori of New Paltz team, beginning as a summer teaching assistant and later working closely with Joy to run the summer program. Claire has a Bachelor's degree in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education and is dually certified to teach elementary-age students. She is about to enter the Literacy Education Master's program at SUNY New Paltz and will be teaching first grade next year. Claire could not be more excited to bring some summer fun into your home at a time when sharing physical space is riskier than usual and travel may not be possible, and she hopes that this program will give children something to look forward to each day. Let's make the best of a socially distanced summer together!