Montessori of New Paltz is happy to provide these important parent resources to all our families.



Parent’s Guide to the Montessori Classroom
by Aline D. Wolf


Each Montessori of New Paltz family will receive a copy of Parent’s Guide to the Montessori Classroom.  This is the most concise insight to the Montessori 3-year PreK-K curriculum that we have found.  This book will provide you with an introduction to Montessori and photos and descriptions of each area of the curriculum offered in the Primary (PreK-K) classroom.  The Montessori Compass will offer you additional information as your child is introduced to different lessons.


Montessori Compass

Extraordinary things happen at your Montessori school every day and we don't keep them a secret!  The occasional 30-second conversation with a parent at pickup/drop-off doesn't tell the whole story.  Montessori Compass simplifies parent communication, resulting in a more personalized connection with the school community.  Montessori Compass makes it easy to share academic progress, social development, and those wonderful moments of childhood spontaneity that help make your classroom such an enjoyable place!

Features of Montessori Compass:

  • Online Parent Portal

  • Online Classroom Photos

  • Activity Reports

  • Online Montessori Progress Reports Online School Directory

  • Montessori Materials Photos & Descriptions 


Parents choose a Montessori education for many reasons, but few truly understand what the Montessori Method is all about.  There is a learning curve with the unique terminology used in the Montessori classroom, especially for new parents.  Montessori Compass aims to help educate the parents alongside the child by sharing customizable photos & descriptions of common Montessori works (i.e. its Metal Insets, not Insects!)  Increased awareness of the many benefits of a Montessori education leads to increased appreciation.

The Montessori Family Alliance


Montessori is more than a school. Montessori is much more than an educational approach or a network of schools that follow a distinctly different curriculum.  Montessori is a way of raising children and creating a peaceful home.  For many of us, Montessori is a way of life.


The Montessori Family Alliance is a new international network of Montessori parents, teachers and friends of Montessori.  We focus on issues of children, Montessori education and Montessori family life from infants and toddlers through teens.

The Montessori Family Alliance reaches out to parents like you who have interest in or a connection to the Montessori community, encouraging them to choose Montessori for their children, assisting the schools that they choose to help orient them to the principles of Montessori education and inspiring them to become more supportive and positively engaged in their children's school communities.  You will find stories of present and former Montessori students, as well as information about ongoing research that supports the effectiveness of Montessori education.


Tomorrow’s Child 


Tomorrow's Child is the Montessori Foundation's independent, nonprofit magazine serving Montessori schools and families around the world.

Published by the Montessori Foundation since 1993, each issue is filled with articles that address questions parents most often ask about Montessori education and Montessori in the home. 

Tomorrow's Child answers the questions that every Montessori parent asks:


What will Montessori do for my child?

How can I be sure that it’s working?

What exactly is my child doing at school?

What can I do at home to help?

What can I do to support my child’s school?

Tomorrow’s Child will help you understand and apply Montessori insights at home. 






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