STEM Camp (School-age) - DAY 5, Friday

Today we talked about computer coding and discussed what new discoveries in science might be coming soon. How can we use the concepts of STEM to make the world a better place?

Here is our Zoom meeting link:

Today is Friday, August 21

The resources for today are posted below

Make a Binary Code Necklace!

Link to more information about this activity.

See below for the ASCII code and to see how Ms. Julia wrote out her name in binary code before using the beads.

Computer code is kind of like a map.

Try this game to practice your coding skills and get from one place to another. Use code blocks to control the map character and direct him to his destination!


How can we use science to make the world a better place?

People need planes to fly and travel, but planes today use a lot of jet fuel, which can harm the environment.

What could we use instead? Watch to find out.

How can we use science to stay safe and healthy?

Which cleans your hands better? Soap or hand sanitizer?

Watch this experiment to find out.

Think Like a Scientist!

Movement break with Go Noodle

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