STEM Camp (School-age) - DAY 3, Wednesday

Welcome to STEM camp!

Today we talked about Forces, air pressure, and energy! Explore these concepts in more depth with the resources below.

Here is our Zoom meeting link:

Today is Wednesday, August 18

The resources for today are posted below.

How do Wind Turbines work?

Wind is a form of energy that can produce electricity!

Try out this game to see how wind turbines work.

Here is the link to the game. You do NOT need to log in to play.

How do Electrical Circuits work?

This game is a little more challenging but very cool! Figure out how to solve the puzzle and get the electricity from the source to power the lightbulb.

LINK here or click the image below.

This game requires some reading. Allow the intro video to play then click the orange button that says Play Electric Box.

What is Energy? What forms can energy take?

How do Ramps Help Things to Move?

Can a ramp move a 50lb weight?

See real-life examples and experiments.

Curious about SUPER Strong Magnets?

Watch to see magnets strong enough to connect through your hand!

What else can magnets do?

Today's Experiment is a Balloon-Powered Car!

This experiment is awesome but it might take a few tries to get it to work! Put on your engineering cap and figure out solutions to any problems you run into!

Watch Part 1 first, then after your paint has dried, grab a grownup to help and watch part 2! You will need an extra pair of hands, (and maybe lungs) to help you blow up the balloons and get your car running.

If you want to try the Balloon Rocket experiment I did on Zoom, click the pink link below. Here is the link

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