STEM Camp (School-age) - DAY 1, Monday

Welcome to STEM camp!

This week we will be exploring many different aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math! Please check back on the blog each day for a new posting with more activities, videos, and games for your child to explore. You can also find the video directions for the daily experiment posted here. Enjoy, and remember, science is all about thinking, discovering, and making mistakes!

Here is our Zoom meeting link:

Today is Monday, August 17.

The resources for today are posted below.

Looking for a quick and easy experiment to get your science brain going? Try this one out and see your stick-person drawing come to life!

All you will need is a clear glass bowl (like a pyrex), a dry erase marker, and some water.

Scroll down for some questions to ask once you've tried the experiment.


  • What is happening?

  • Would this work with another liquid or a different type of drawing utensil? (Make sure to ask a grownup before using new materials).

  • Why does the drawing stay on top of the water instead of going to the bottom?

What is STEM? Why is it important?

After watching this video, can you list one example of each element of STEM?

Engineering is a big part of STEM. But what does an engineer do? Watch to find out.

Check out these awesome marble runs built by engineers!

Questions to ask:

  • What is friction?

  • How could you make a marble go faster or slower on a marble run?

  • What could you use cardboard for as an engineer?

  • If you were going to build a marble run, what materials would you use? Why?

Try out this awesome free game called Hot Air Ballon and learn about buoyancy, gravity, air particles, and more!

Be sure to start with the intro so you understand all the awesome science going on!

Watch this video to see Ms. Julia explain how to set up your sensory jar for STEM week:

You will need:

  • Your sensory jar bag from the mystery box

  • A clear, empty plastic bottle with a cap (from home)

Today's experiment is sinking and floating and engineering a boat! Watch the video for directions.

You will need:

  • Your sink and float bag

  • Your boat building bag

  • Mystery box filled halfway with water

  • Your STEM notebook

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