STEM Camp (Pre-School) - DAY 5, Friday

Today we talked about computer coding and discussed what new discoveries in science might be coming soon. How can we use the concepts of STEM to make the world a better place?

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Today is Friday, August 21

The resources for today are posted below

Explore computer code with pattern bracelets!

Binary Code (the language of computers), is all about patterns of 0s and 1s. To introduce this concept, you can talk about more simple patterns, practice making patterns together, and create a pattern bracelet.

You will need:

  • Colorful blocks (or any other materials you have to make repeating patterns)

  • Markers and paper

  • String

  • Multiple colors or shapes of beads


  • Make a simple repeating pattern by drawing colored dots on paper. For example, Red, Blue, Red Blue.

  • Have your child identify the pattern, and have them copy it by drawing it themselves or replicating it with blocks.

  • Try this a few times with different patterns, increasing the complexity if they seem ready (Red, orange, blue, blue, red, orange, blue, blue...).

  • You can even ask your child to make their own pattern for you to copy.

  • Let your child create a pattern that they like, have them practice it with blocks and on paper, then line up colored beads to match the pattern and begin threading them onto the string.

  • When it's long enough, tie off the end and wear your pattern with pride!

  • Try to notice and point out patterns in nature and out in the world.

  • Patterns, and codes, are all around us!

Here is the ASCII Binary Code that the above activity is building towards.

Computer coding is all about patterns.

If you want to introduce this to your child you can explain that computers use a special language called binary code. Each letter of the alphabet has its own code.

In this image, the black squares represent 0 and the white squares represent 1.

Looking for more hands-on experiments you can do together with things you already have in your home?

This video has 5 cool ideas to get you started.

Movement Break: Think Like a Scientist!

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