STEM Camp (Pre-School) - DAY 4, Thursday

Welcome to STEM camp!

Today we explored the power of Math! Math is connected to all areas of life, and especially to the other areas of STEM.

Without math, we would not be able to understand science or use engineering to create new things!

Today's math activity combines math and art and explores geometric shapes and fractions.

Here is our Zoom meeting link:

Today is Thursday, August 20

The resources for today are posted below.

How Far Can You Jump?

Challenge your grown-ups or your sibling to a contest, then use the power of measurement to see who jumped the furthest!

Watch the short video to see how I measured my jump using a shoe!

Try this counting and building activity with legos or blocks!

  • Practice counting objects and matching objects to a written representation of a number.

  • Exercise fine motor skills and engineering to build towers with different numbers of blocks.

  • Write out numbers over 10 for more of a challenge, or focus on numbers 1-5.

The audio in this video is in Spanish and there is text in English.

Edible Geometric Shapes

Math is all about patterns of numbers!

Get your wiggles out with this movement break song all about patterns!

What other patterns can you think of?

Here's mine: Cookie Cookie Cookie Pancake Cookie Cookie Cookie Pancake

Today's Activity is a Math Experiment that Incorporates Art!

Take a look at this piece of artwork Called Castle and Sun by Paul Klee.

His artwork will inspire us today!

What shapes can you see in his design?

Next, scroll down to watch Ms. Julia's video directions for our experiment.

Note to parents: If making the shapes fill the whole paper is too challenging, try exploring the shapes in other ways, by creating patterns with the shapes (Square, Triangle, Square), asking your child to create a design with a set number of shapes (Can you make a design on your paper with 4 triangles, 3 rectangles, and 1 square?), or by simply allowing them to glue down the shapes however they please and practicing naming the shapes as you go along.

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