STEM Camp (Pre-School) - DAY 3, Wednesday

Welcome to STEM camp!

Today we talked about Energy, Forces, and Air Pressure!

The resources here will explore these concepts in more depth.

Some activities may be challenging for little hands, and your child might need help with the experiments in this week's mystery box. Look for green text on the posts below for some ideas on how to differentiate the activity if it is too challenging for your child, or ideas for extensions or questions to ask. Enjoy!

Here is our Zoom meeting link:

Today is Wednesday, August 19

The resources for today are posted below.

This simple game will illustrate how Wind Turbines work to provide energy.

You do NOT need to sign in to play this game.


What is Energy?

Gravity and Forces on the Playground

How do forces like gravity make things at the playground work?

If you can, try going to a playground to test out these forces yourself!

Magnetic Forces

Explore the power of magnets with this video, then use your magnet and sensory bottle to explore further! See what else in your house will stick to your magnet.

Magnets Song!

Check out this awesome song and dance about magnets performed by a First Grade class.

Today's Experiment: Balloon-Powered Cars!

This experiment is challenging and can be frustrating as it takes a few tries to get it right. Use your best judgement to decide if this experiment will be right for your child. You may want to let them paint the car and then do the assembly and the actual movement part for them and let them watch the car move.

***If you feel this experiment is too much for your child you can complete a similar activity to illustrate the same concept of air pressure inside a balloon. You will need the paper straws from the activity bag, the balloons (With the straws removed or a balloon from home), and some string. Here is the link for the alternate activity (This is the activity I showed the kids on Zoom). ***

Watch part 1 first for the painting, then after the paint has dried watch part 2.

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