Space Camp - Wednesday

Welcome to Space Camp!

Today we will talk about our very own planet Earth!

We will learn about what makes Earth different from the other planets and what helps us survive here!

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Today is Wednesday, August 12.

The resources for today are posted below.

If you look up at the sky during the day you might notice that the Sun appears to "move" across the sky from one side to the other before it sets and it gets dark out.

But did you know that the Sun is actually staying completely still?

It's actually the Earth that is moving!

The Earth turns all the way around on its axis every day. When the side of the Earth that we live on is facing away from the Sun, we call that night. That is when the sky is dark.

In this activity, you can track how the light and shadows on Earth change as the Earth rotates slowly away from the Sun.

You will need:

  • a round paper plate or round piece of cardboard

  • two pencils

  • a compass (iPhones have a compass app)

  • some clay or playdoh

Mapping Shadows_Wednesday
PDF • 1.86MB

See the image below for directions or download the PDF file.

Gravity Poem

Why are there Seasons?

Hint: it has to do with the way the Earth is tilted!

Watch to find out!

The Atmosphere is like a special jacket for the Earth that has many important jobs!

The Atmosphere has several layers, but we can't see them just by looking up into the sky, they are invisible!

Use this website to see the different layers of the Atmosphere and discover how high they are. Scroll up to see the image move and show you the layers. You'll be surprised how high they go!

Click here or on the image below to go to the NASA Climate Kids page and see the layers.

What do Astronauts see when they look at the Earth from Space?

This beautiful video from NASA shows you pictures taken from the International Space Sation. You might even see a few Astronauts! What are they wearing?

Today's craft is Chalk Constellations! Choose a favorite constellation from the cards provided and make it with sparkly stickers on a black night sky. Watch the second half of the video to see what else you can use the cards for!