Space Camp - Thursday

Welcome to Space Camp!

Today we are learning about how astronauts live on the International Space Station (ISS).

Remember tomorrow is share day! Please bring your crafts from the week to share.

Here is our Zoom meeting link:


Today is Thursday, August 13.

The resources for today are posted below.

Tour the International Space Station (ISS) and learn how astronauts eat, sleep, and even use the bathroom!

Would you like to live on the ISS? Why or why not?

Bedtime in space?

Listen to a real astronaut read you a story from all the way out in space on the ISS!

Move and Stretch: Space Yoga

Astronauts have to be very healthy to go to space, so get some stretches in by following along with this outer space adventure yoga story.

Before you press play make sure you are in a safe, open area with lots of room to move. Grab a yoga mat if you have one!

Want to see some of the amazing pictures NASA has taken over the years? Check out this resource.

Can you tell what the picture is of?

How do you think they get such clear pictures of things that are so far away?

Click this link or the picture below to access the slideshow.

Today's craft is a Rocket! Become a NASA spacecraft designer for the day. Going into space can be dangerous, so your job is to think about how to design a rocket that will keep the astronauts safe. How will they get around inside without gravity? What can they eat? How do they sleep?

You can also imagine some fun rocket features for inside, like a water slide or a trampoline!

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