Space Camp - Friday

Welcome to the Last day of Space Camp! Thanks for joining us!

Here is our Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 761 5852 1135

Passcode: 4tCShW

Today is Friday, August 14.

The resources for today are posted below.

Would you like to be an astronaut?

What does it take to get into this amazing job? Find out here.

How do Rocket Ships Work?

What are the parts of a Rocket Ship? How do they get all the way into space?

International Space Station Tracker

Find out where the ISS is above the Earth!

Click the text below the map that says 'Launch Bigger ISS Tracker'

Explore the parts of a spacesuit!

Click on the different parts of a spacesuit to learn what they are for and how they keep astronauts safe.

This requires Flash to work. Click this link or the image below to open the resource.

Keep track of the phases of the moon!

Check the farmer's Almanac calendar to see what phase the moon will be in. Don't forget to check out the New Moon next week on the 18th!

Click this link or below on the image to access this resource.