Safari Week - DAY 1, Monday

Welcome to Safari Week!

We are so glad you are here! This week we will explore the wonderful animals you might meet if you were to go on Safari in South Africa.

Please check the site daily for optional activities, crafts, and resources to deepen your knowledge and connect even more with our theme.

As always, use as many or as few resources as works for you.


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Today is Monday, July 20, 2020

The resources for today are posted below.

Go on a your living room!

After you complete your craft for today, put on your safari hat and grab your binoculars and get ready for a safari!

Set up:

  • Get your animals from the sensory bin and have a grownup help you place them around your house or in the yard.

  • Is the elephant drinking water by the sink?

  • Is the Giraffe in the tall grass outside?

Get Dressed:

What do you wear on a safari?

Do you remember what colors are a good


Choose a Safari outfit and put on some sunglasses to protect your eyes from the hot sun.

Let's Go!

  • Bring your imaginary camera (or use a real one) and head out into the wild savannah of your own house!

  • Walk slowly and quietly so you don't frighten any of the animals.

  • Take a picture when you find an animal and maybe write down its name on a list.

  • Crouch down behind the sofa to observe the dangerous animals from afar, try to blend in with your surroundings.

  • Once your Safari journey has ended maybe you can draw a picture of the animals you saw, or show a family member or friend the pictures you took and tell them the names of the animals you saw!

Want even more Safari adventures from your home?

This site offers live streams of real safaris twice a day.

Be sure to watch with a grownup. (These are live and unedited).

Read our story Over in the Grassland from today again!

Click the file below to download the pdf of the pages.

Over in the Grasslands
Download PDF • 2.93MB

Going on Safari means traveling to one of the many of the amazing countries in Africa!

Watch this video to learn about this awesome continent.

Curious to learn more about South Africa?

Check out this website from National Geographic to learn facts and see some awesome pictures of the place where most safaris happen.

When people go on Safari they sometimes talk about seeing "The Big 5."

Watch this video to learn who The Big 5 are and what sounds they make.

Today's craft is a Safari hat and binoculars! Watch Ms. Claire's craft video below for instructions. Once they're dry, you can wear your hat and binoculars to go on a Safari in your home!

Setting Up Your Sensory Bin

In your Mystery Box, you'll find 2 sheets of cardstock with Safari pictures printed in it. Cut out the Jeep and binoculars and add them to your sensory bin!

The 3 Safari pictures (lion, giraffes, zebras/elephant) can be cut out, cut into pieces, and used as puzzles throughout the week! Cut them into the right number of pieces for your puzzle skills (easy/medium/hard).

Level 1: 5 pieces (easy)

Level 2: 8 pieces (medium)

Level 3: 12 pieces (hard)

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