On the Road: USA Travel Week- DAY 4, Thursday

Let's continue our road trip!

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Today is Thursday, July 16

The resources for today are posted below.

Since we had such a great time today playing the scorpion is sleeping here are the lyrics!

The Scorpion is Sleeping

(to the tune of the Old Grey Cat)

The scorpion is sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, the scorpion is sleeping under a rock

The scorpion is waking, waking, waking, the scorpion is waking from his rest

The scorpion is creeping, creeping, creeping, the scorpion is creeping over the rocks

The scorpion is chasing, chasing, chasing, the scorpion is chasing better watch out!

Watch this video for a 2-minute tour of some of the most amazing parts of the cavern!

What shapes do you see?

Would you give any of these rooms a different name? Why?

How are caves formed?

Watch to learn how caves are made and some of the different types of caves. What type of cave do you think Carlsbad Cavern is?

Creative Play: Caves!

Connect our learning today about Carlsbad caverns and cave animals by making a cave in your home!

Stack pillows and drape blankets to create a cozy hideaway. Let your child help to design the cave the way they would like. Sit inside the cave with the lights off or using a flashlight to simulate a dark cave or cavern. Talk about animals that live in caves and how they find their way. Try finding your way by chirping like a bat or by reaching out and touching the cave walls like a salamander. Have a snack, read a book, or take a nap in your cave!


Bats are one of the most well-known creatures that live in a cave. Watch this video to see a huge swarm of Mexican Free-tailed bats flying out of Bracken Cave in Texas.

How are bats similar to birds? How are they different?

How do bats communicate?

Do bats fly during the day or at night?

What do they eat?

String Painting Maps

Click the file below the image to download the pdf document with directions.

String Painting Maps_Thursday
Download PDF • 63KB

The craft for today is Play Dough Landforms! Choose your favorite landform from this week and create a road trip scene to share onFriday!

Watch the video below to see Ms. Claire demonstrate today's craft.

Note: This craft involves using the oven.

It is very important that children have an adult's help with the 2nd part of this project.

Baking time will vary based on the size and thickness of your landform.

Here are the pages of some bonus books. Enjoy!

Journey Around Our National Parks - Check out these amazing illustrations of National Parks around the USA.

Journey Around Our National Parks
Download PDF • 4.96MB

This is My State - A family takes a road trip from Texas to Louisiana.

This is My State
Download PDF • 1.94MB

This week's puzzle solutions!

Geyser at Yellowstone National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Arches National Park

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