On the Road: USA Travel Week- DAY 1, Monday

Welcome to our road trip! We are so excited you are along for the ride! This week we will virtually discover some of the United State's most amazing national parks. Along the way, we will learn about how to pack for a road trip, how people travel, and discover landforms like mountains, volcanos, caves, and more! Let's get on the road!

Please check back every day for a new post filled with songs, videos, pictures, and activities for you to explore with your child.

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Meetings are daily from 11 am to approximately 11:40 am.

Today is Monday, July 13, 2020.

The resources for today are posted below.

Get engaged and excited with this mountain themed song from Laurie Berkner.

Sing along and move your body like an eagle, an ocean wave, and more.

Explore this website for amazing 360-degree views from the peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.

  • Scroll to select a picture, then click "view in Google maps" in the top left of the image and click and drag with your mouse for a full 360 view.

  • Try playing "I spy" with your child to talk about what you see in the pictures.

Fine Motor Skills Activity: Rock Stacking

Click the file below the image to download the pdf document with directions.

Fine Motor Skills_ Rock Stacking_Mon
Download PDF • 211KB

Game: Red Light Green Light

Click the file below the image to download the pdf document with directions.

Game Red light green light_Mon1
Download PDF • 168KB

The craft for today is an Egg Carton Mountain!

Watch the video below to see Ms. Claire demonstrate today's craft.

Part 1:

The crafts this week will have an easier level and a harder level. The easier level for this craft is painting with fingers instead of a brush.

Fingerpainting directions can be found at 12:08.

Part 2:

Setting Up Your Sensory Bin

You will need:

- Bag of green/white rice & beans

- Black/grey stones

- Travel stickers & images

- Toy car

- Empty Mystery Box

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