Marine Biology (Ages 6-9) - DAY 5, Friday

Welcome to Marine Biology Week!

We're so excited to dive into exploring the ocean with you this week. We will be using this platform to post extra resources each day for you and your child to explore. This includes videos, songs, crafts, learning activities, and websites. Please keep checking back to see what is available, as we will not be sending updates via email. Use your discretion to decide if your child will need help reading or accessing any of these materials.


Here is our Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 712 9626 8457

Password: 7sCMri

Today is Friday, July 10, 2020.

The resources for today are posted below.

Thank you for joining us for camp this week!

We hope you had a wonderful time!

Watch this awesome octopus be released into the wild after marine biologists cared for it and helped it get healthy again!

Learn about the beautiful beluga whale!

How do Marine Biologists work to save coral reefs?

How do storms, climate change, and pollution hurt coral reefs? This website will help you understand.

If you liked today's read-aloud Commotion in the Ocean and want to read it again later, here are the pages.

Commotion in the Ocean Book
Download PDF • 7.45MB

Here are 2 BONUS Read-Alouds for you to enjoy on our last day of Marine Biology Week!


The Ultimate Ocean Book: Pop-Up

Enjoy this song and story called I am a Manatee, too!

Sensory Bins:

If you have not set up your sensory bin yet, you can go back and watch Ms. Claire's video on Monday's blog post to see how to do it.

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