Archeology Week - DAY 4, Thursday

Welcome to Ancient Egypt day!

Here is our Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 714 8775 6107

Passcode: 0ixHcL

Today is Thursday, July 30.

The resources for today are posted below.

Travel to Egypt and learn about the pyramids!

What do you know about Mummies? What are you still wondering? This video will help you discover this ancient practice from Egypt.

All about Ancient Egypt

Explore this website with a grownup and learn about every part of life in ancient Egypt, from clothes to games, to farming, and the afterlife.

See if you can find a fun fact to share on Friday!

Lego Pyramid or Ancient Egypt House

Try building a pyramid or ancient Egyptian home out of legos or blocks!

Here are some photos to inspire you.

You might want to hide some treasure inside of your pyramid, just like the ancient Egyptians used to do.

Did you enjoy writing your name in hieroglyphs today on Zoom? Here is the alphabet for you to use. Try writing a secret message, a letter to your friend, or a sign for your door!

Click the image for the link to the PDF version.

Here are the pages from today's read-aloud: How the Sphinx Got to the Museum.

How the Sphinx Got to the Museum
Download PDF • 13.99MB

Due to a family emergency, I was not able to create my own video for today's craft. I apologize for this and hope this YouTube video and written directions will help you complete the Papyrus Paper activity.

- Ms.Claire

This video shows how to make Papyrus using brown paper bags cut into strips. If you have brown paper bags at home, feel free to use them, but your Mystery Box contains 2 sheets of thin brown paper that will work as well. The directions in this video are more or less the same as what Ms. Claire would say, but there are also some written directions below.

Instructions for Homemade Papyrus

You will need:

- 2 sheets brown paper (or brown paper bags)

- Scissors

- A bowl

- Glue

- Water

- Parchment paper/tray/baking sheet

- Markers/paints

- Hieroglyphic alphabet (above)

1. Cut brown paper into 1-inch wide strips.

2. Mix glue and a little water together in the bowl.

3. Dip strips of paper into water/glue mixture to coat them.

4. Lay the wet strips horizontally next to each other one by one on the parchment paper/tray/baking sheet, overlapping the strips so they will stick together.

5. Add another layer of wet strips vertically on top of the first layer.

6. Put the tray and wet papyrus outside to dry in the sun.

7. When the papyrus is dry, peel it off the tray and use it like paper! Draw or paint a picture, or practice writing a secret message in hieroglyphs using the alphabet above!

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