Archeology Week (Ages 6-9) - DAY 3, Wednesday

Welcome to Archaeology Week!

Today is early humans day!

Here is our Zoom meeting link:

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Today is Wednesday, July 29.

The resources for today are posted below.

How do you tell if a stone you find is an ancient stone tool or just a rock? This video might help you decide.

Do you want to try making your own stone tools or just see how it's done? This video will show you how early humans shaped stones into useful tools.

Always ask a grownup before trying this and be careful! Rocks can be sharp!

Early humans in the Stone Age were the first to make jewelry. They often used animal bones and teeth. Make your own stone-age necklace with salt dough!

Salt Dough Recipe:

  • A cup of flour

  • Half a cup of salt

  • Half a cup of water

What You Do:

  • Mix the flour & salt in a bowl, add the water and mix until it forms a dough. Add a little more flour if it’s sticky. 

  • Form the dough into tooth and bone shapes. 

  • Use a thick straw to make a hole through each one

  • Put the bone shapes on a plate and microwave 3-4 minutes depending on size, turning them over every minute.

  • Let cool, then thread the bones onto garden string or natural colored wool.

  • Wear your stone-age necklace!

Directions modified from:

Here are the pages from today's read-aloud: Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoths
Download PDF • 16.37MB

This video takes you on a quick tour of the Cave of Altamira in Spain! Ms. Claire references these caves in her craft video below.

Curious about more cave paintings? This video is a tour of cave paintings all around the world. Which one is your favorite?

Today's craft is a Cave Painting! Like the early humans, this is your chance to make art on the walls in your home! (Well, not actually on the walls...) Create a hunting scene, handprints, or anything else you like!

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