Archeology Week (Ages 6-9) - DAY 2, Tuesday

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Welcome to Archaeology Week!

Today is Dinosaur Day!

Here is our Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 714 8775 6107

Passcode: 0ixHcL

Today is Tuesday, July 28

The resources for today are posted below.


When were dinosaurs alive? When did early humans arrive? What about modern humans? Were dinosaurs there at the very beginning?

Use this timeline to find out.

Link to image:

  • Can you find where dinosaurs roamed the earth? Place one of your plastic dinosaurs on the timeline to show when they lived.

  • What about modern humans? Use a lego person or other figurine to show when modern humans arrived.

Dinosaurs 101

What are the most important facts to know about dinosaurs? What do scientists know about dinosaurs? What are they still trying to figure out?

A paleontologist is a scientist who studies dinosaurs!

What an awesome job!

Watch this video to learn about how you could become a paleontologist and what a paleontologist does.

Song and Dance: We are the Dinosaurs

Take a movement break and sing and dance to this awesome dinosaur song!

Dinosaur Fact Cards

Learn about some of your favorite dinosaurs with these fact cards. These are just four of the many dinosaurs in this resource!

You can print and cut them out if you want or look at them on your screen.

Click on the PDF file below the image to download.

Download PDF • 884KB

Bonus resource: Practice reading about different types of dinosaurs with these pages!

Here are the pages from today's read-aloud, My Visit to the Dinosaurs.

My Trip to the Dinosaurs
Download PDF • 7.97MB

Today's activity is a Dinosaur Dig! We will uncover creatures from inside the "rocks" in your Mystery Box, and we will set up and dig into some "frozen fossils" as well!

Be prepared to be patient for the frozen fossils, it will take several hours for your creatures to become preserved in ice.

Part 1

Part 2

Note: It is very important to wear gloves when touching ice and salt. I assumed that this small quantity of salt would not pose any risk of a chemical burn but you cannot be too careful! Wear gloves (winter, latex, any type) if you are going to touch your frozen fossils or do this activity inside a bowl, a sink, or a bathtub where the ice does not need to be held steady and you can just use your tools.

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